War of Nations 4: Uprising

Sunday, May 1st, 2022

After losing America to the Russians and the North Koreans , what is left of the U.S. citizens have pushed up into what is left of Canada in hopes of making their way to the last U.S. territory, Alaska. Fallout of the initial Russian nuclear attack on Anchorage has made some no-go areas but it holds a chance to rebuild, and for a few months, the refugees had peace. Then they came…..

Reports started to circulate of bandits finding their way out of the contaminated areas to the new settlements. At first it seemed random, but then one by one, contact from the settlements closest to the no-go areas started going dark. The only survivors describe large amounts of the raiders pouring out of the radio-active wastelands, destroying and looting everything in their path. 

We cannot return to the U.S. so we make our stand here. Build defenses and and prepare for war. But how can you prepare to kill something that that is out of control……

Time: Gates open at 9am, sign in 9:15, Scenario meeting at 9:45, first mission start at 10:15am
Game Layout: 30min missions, every 10min dead players re-insert.
Paint: Field paint only. No outside paint allowed. First Strike Paintballs allowed.
Prize: Give away at end of event. Must be present to claim prizes.
Entry: Normal entry fee. For prices, check our Prices page

Scenario meeting at 9:45am
First mission start at 10:15am

If you’re interested in playing a character, send Joel a message on our Facebook Page and we will have a special gift for you for participating. You must be able to stay all day and play the part. 

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