Weekday & Corporate Events

Ages 10+

For any purpose from birthday parties to corporate events. As this extends beyond our normal hours of operation, the rates are adjusted.

We only allow our specific paintballs at our park. While it may sound like a sales pitch, it’s a safety concern to not let any low quality paintballs make it to the playing field. We only use the highest quality paintballs available which shoot straighter, break open easier, and stings way less!

We have just upgraded all of our paintball equipment for your party group! Everyone will now be using 50. cal! Why is it so awesome?

  • Same size gun but lighter!
  • Easier to run with and easier to aim!
  • They hold more ammo! No more running out during battle!

Your weekday paintball party includes the following:

  • All staff needed to keep you organized, and keep everyone playing safely
  • Admission for 10 players
  • Full face thermal mask with ear protection for every player
  • Paintball gun and all supporting hardware for every player
  • UPGRADED gun for the guest of honor
  • 1 Paintball grenade for the guest of honor
  • Body armor if needed (this is rarely requested with our extremely high quality paintballs)
  • Entire paintball park to yourself, so you play where you would like at any time, with no wait!
  • 4,000 (8 bags of 500) paintballs!
  • 3 hours of play, rather than the standard 2 hours received with our weekend parties

Pricing – $399

  • Have more than 10 people? Each additional person is $29 and includes 200 paintball rounds
  • Additional 2,000 paintballs for $79.50
  • $200 non-refundable deposit at time of booking and will be deducted from your final bill the day of your party
  • Effective October 1, 2023 there will be a 3% service charge on all credit card transactions.

Call (210) 695-4030 now to inquire about our weekday party specials, get your questions answered, and secure your weekday party reservation!