At Predator Paintball Park, we only use the best paintballs available.

We decided to discontinue an open-paintball policy and require that every player at Predator Paintball is using field-issued, approved paint. Not everyone was happy about it at first, but when we thought about what it meant for our players, it was the right thing to do.

High quality paintballs make the biggest difference when playing this sport. It’s the difference between having a blast, and getting hurt. High-quality paintballs are fragile and shatter when they hit you, so it barely stings. Cheap paintballs don’t break on impact, and therefore hurt, a lot. Nice paintballs also don’t damage your paintball gun, and they even shoot straighter!

We care about your paintball experience and want you to have the best time possible when at our field, in the safest manner. We carry the very best paintballs at Predator Paintball Park, of which the information can be found here. We also carry these same paintballs at our store, Proshop Paintball, for your convenience.